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The most calm, quiet and beautiful place on our campus is our Chapel.

Students are given a platform to have a spiritual development. They are free to spend time in the chapel during the day, when they are free.


With a seating capacity of around 1000 people, our auditorium is a grand hall where various meetings, programmes, assemblies and retreats.

Each year “Student Development programmes”, Science and Mathematics exhibitions and School functions are conducted to showcase and develop their talents.


Nothing is more pleasant than exploring a library. The library is the heart of the school.

The school has well-established library with different books in various subjects like Humanities, Science, Encyclopedias, General knowledge Books, Journals, Magazines and Newspapers. The school library equips students with lifelong learning skills and develop book reading habit.

Digital Resource Centre

Our Digital Resource centre is facilitated with a computer lab where all the computers are connected with highspeed internet cable to enable our children to learn digitally. We have partnered with Khan Academy which makes the learning simpler and enjoyable.

Science Laboratories

We have well-equipped science laboratories to aid our students in hands-on learning.
A Biology Lab for the Biological science, a Physics lab with all equipment and a Chemistry lab to learn Physical sciences where children are allowed to do experiments with a safe environment and under the watchful eyes of experienced teachers.

Smart Classrooms

All our classrooms are equipped with smart boards which are used by our teachers to teach their well-planned lessons using audio and visual aids.
Special time is allotted for coaching for the students who are in need of it to
help them understand the lessons better.

Sports and Games

The school campus has two playgrounds which provides opportunity for the students
to pursue physical activities. The school also provides excellent indoor and outdoor games and sports facilities. The sports and games facilities include track and field, football, kho-kho, chess, carrom, etc.
These activities develop team spirit and sense of sportsmanship.
School provides opportunity to participate in various tournaments, district and
state level competitions. The school organizes Annual Sports Day function in a grand manner to celebrate the athletic talents of the students.


Music is an important aspect of providing children with well-rounded education. It has a positive impact on a child’s academic performance, assist in developing social skills, and provides an outlet for creativity that is crucial to child’s development.

Music helps children grow in self-esteem, build essential skills and prepare
for bright futures. The benefits of music education are immense and highly beneficial to students.

We train the students for Trinity College London grade exam in piano and Guitar.
This school has Brass band. The band practices and performs drills and
parades outdoor with the students dressed in military styled uniforms.

The instruments used are Bass drums, Side drums, Cymbals, Bugles, Trumpet,
Cornet, Tuba and Euphonium.

School band and orchestra programmes provide many
benefits to students including cognitive development, socialization skills, discipline,
teamwork and the importance of following directions.


The school provides separate boarding facilities for boys and girls.

We strive to provide homely living conditions to our students. The hostel management shows keen interest in all round development of the students.

The hostel has the following special features.

  • Water dispensers
  • Solar water heaters
  • Well balanced, delicious and nutritious food
  • Modern kitchen
  • Indoor games and television facility.

Students are given some hostel responsibilities like sweeping the dormitory,
cleaning tub, serving food, washing and cleaning their dishes, etc. to develop discipline and leadership quality.

Medical Care

We have resident nurses to take care of students’ health. In case of any
serious illness, the students will be taken to the Dohnavur Fellowship hospital immediately and will be treated with utmost care.

Club Activities

Our school has different club activities which includes Trekking, Cycling, Junior Red Cross, Scouts and Guides, Arts and Craft, etc…. Club activities help students develop sense of unity and team work, learning how to work with others and reaching the same goals. The activities help learners develop social skills. We provide plenty of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles and show off their talents through club activities.

Student Leadership

We have a Student Body Cabinet where our students are provided a platform to develop their leadership qualities and to experience their right to vote through the in-campus elections, where students are given an opportunity to contest in the elections for various responsibilities. The candidates are further elected through an unbiased electronic voting system. The elected leaders perform their duties with discipline throughout the academic year, after the Investiture Ceremony.

RO plants

We have three RO plants on our campus to provide clean, purified, potable drinking water to our students.

Solar Power

We have a Solar Power generator with the capacity of 10 kw to produce carbon-free green electricity.


We are also equipped with two hi-powered generators to provide electricity in case of power cuts.

Contact Info


  • The Principal, Santhosha Vidhyalaya, Dohnavur – 627102 Tirunelveli Dist. Tamilnadu